DIY Attack Triangle

Build a free do-it-yourself attack triangle for hockey training with this video guide.

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Shop is Live

The Shop is another big project I’ve worked on behind the scenes and it is ready for launch. I choose the selection of items and graphics, but the actual production and shipping is handled by a third party called Spreadshop.

I’ve bought a few items from them already and I like the results. Expect to see some of those items in upcoming videos. If you’ve got feedback for the shop such as items you’d like to see added, let me know.


Forum is Live

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on updating this site for awhile. One piece I wanted to get right before unleashing it on the public is the Forum.

The Forum is the best place to reach me to discuss articles and videos. It’s also a great place to ask me any questions relating to hockey and hopefully it someday becomes a hub of productive discussion amongst members of the IL hockey community.

So come visit the forum and register to join the discussion. Feedback is always welcome and we’ve got a spot specially designed for it.


Equipment Links

If you’d like to see reviews for a whole bunch of training aids and other hockey products. You can find more below:

How To Hockey Training Aids
Coach Jeremy Hockey Product Reviews


Fitness Links

Being in good shape is an important part of being a hockey player. Everything you’ll want to do in hockey is a combination of good technique and physical strength. With limits on ice time, a very important way to become a better player is to do workouts. Here are a few playlists from Hockey Training on YouTube that should give you some nice ideas for workouts.

Hockey Speed Training
Hockey Agility Training
Hockey Conditioning Training
Hockey Resistance Training
At-Home Hockey Workouts
Stretching/Flexibility Videos


Goaltending Links

I never played goalie, but as a coach, I worked hard to learn about goaltending so that I could help my goaltenders. One area where my teams tended to make great improvements was at goaltending and a lot of what I learned came from YouTube videos.

I plan to put out a few goaltending videos myself, but in the meantime I want to share some links that helped me.

Stauber’s Goalcrease – Has some simple goaltending drills and fundamental skills. Even has a dressing tutorial.

PGD Goaltending – Only a few very old videos, but each one goes through solid fundamental skills.

KC Crease – Drills, fundamental skills, and professional analysis.

Pasco Valana – Goaltending techniques and fundamental skills.

Hope you enjoy. If there’s a good one I missed, please let me know.



This site is finally underway after sitting dormant for years. Still a long way to go, but I am in the process of getting the look right and adding information. Eventually, there will be a moderated forum, plenty of videos for skills and systems, and other information for IL hockey players and parents.