Goaltending Links

I never played goalie, but as a coach, I worked hard to learn about goaltending so that I could help my goaltenders. One area where my teams tended to make great improvements was at goaltending and a lot of what I learned came from YouTube videos.

I plan to put out a few goaltending videos myself, but in the meantime I want to share some links that helped me.

Stauber’s Goalcrease – Has some simple goaltending drills and fundamental skills. Even has a dressing tutorial.

PGD Goaltending – Only a few very old videos, but each one goes through solid fundamental skills.

KC Crease – Drills, fundamental skills, and professional analysis.

Pasco Valana – Goaltending techniques and fundamental skills.

Hope you enjoy. If there’s a good one I missed, please let me know.